Pet Collar Gemstone Charms


My collar charms are created for your pet’s energetic balance. Our pets face the same physical and emotional challenges as we do, and the energetic properties of gemstones offer a boost to their own healing capabilities. 

Just let me know which wellness or emotional issue (fear, loneliness, grief, separation anxiety) to address when designing your pet’s charm.

I will custom design and personally provide intention with Reiki energy to each pet collar charm.   Can easily be hooked onto your pet's collar or hooked onto small animal cages.

Prices may vary depending on the individual stones used. Each charm will feature several stones designed to target your pet's unique needs.

Small Breed Pet Collar Charms  -  $  7.50
Large Breed Pet Collar Charms  -  $10.50
Lobster Clasp Purse Clips  -          $20.00
Key Rings for  People  -                 $15.00                                                                
Pet Cage or Crate Clip Ons Key Ring Clasps - $15.00
Specifically requested stones may be more expensive...I will customize stones in these price ranges.
*Prices do not reflect shipping fees (combined shipping is available)

Shipping fee for the Pet Collar Charms is $2.50 for domestic USA

Email for more information