Druidic Astrology

 Druidic Astrological Tree Spirit Guardian Readings 

Ancient Druids believed the zodiac calendar consisted of thirteen lunar months and was associated with thirteen sacred trees. These tree signs form the basis for Druidic Astrology. After Roman conquests, Greco-Roman zodiac beliefs were imported and accepted. Celtic and Druid beliefs, however, remained deeply imbedded in the psyche of the people. Passed down through centuries by word of mouth, they were eventually recorded in ancient manuscripts by Celtic Christian Monks, who were the latter-day Druids of the time.

Each tree in the Druid Zodiac has its own dryad or tree spirit, created by the first rays of the Sun long before humans appeared. They represent the spiritual nature of the human character, an area not usually addressed in Sun-sign astrology.

In Western-based astrology, the Moon is a symbol of the unconscious mind. The lunar aspect in the Druid Zodiac contains the “karmic” influences of past lives and all the hidden agendas, of which the conscious mind is mostly unaware. These are still remembered in what is known as the “Shadow Self.” Druid astrology takes into account both the conscious and unconscious mind to form a very accurate total picture for a fascinating character analysis of the individual being read.

All I need is your complete birth date for a reading. These are not “horoscope readings” but an in depth glimpse into your inner being based on the time of your birth.



From Karene Smith~~~

I received my Celtic/Druidic reading from Shirl today and was utterly blown away! It is miles removed from any reading that I've had before. These readings deal with The Shadow Self and identifies obstacles that you may be having in this life, that are hold-overs from previous lives. The personality traits were just stunning and revealed so much, and the issue from the last life (which I remember) was revealed. In the reading she said many true things that she had no way of knowing. Things I had never told anyone. I got many answers and insights from this! Thank You Shirl!

Sarah Costanzo
Hi, Shirl! Just wanted to thank you for the incredible Celtic reading you did for me. It was not only accurate, but validated some things for me as well. It was insightful, authentic, and made a lot of sense. Thank you for your honesty, too...giving it to me straight, though delicate and kind. I am grateful to you for celebrating my strengths, and chuckled & owned the things I need to work at a bit, knowing it was intended only for my good and to help me fulfill the most enriching life possible. Again...all spot on! The mythology was fun and interesting, and the past life pieces gave me chills, explaining a recurring dream I have had for years. Some of the things you mentioned were things I have never told anyone. Thank you for feeling them & mentioning them. I will strive to keep this close always, and take your words as good advice, and also be a bit prouder of who I am. Thank you again for taking the time to do this for me.

From Gloria Jodry Kleckner~~~

Shirl is so amazing. I received the most amazing astrology reading from her today. I can't stop thinking about it. It really made me look a lot deeper into who I really am.


Suzanne Bardzell‎ NJ
October 28

Thank you so much for the Druidic reading you did for me Shirl. The information was truly spot on. I am always amazed at your gift. I appreciate you and what you do in helping people heal. Thank you so much!!!


Tricia in NJ wrote~~
"Wow. Just wow. I read this a few times and am letting it all sink
in. This was really on-point, and very helpful."


Thank you Shirl, for such an insightful and validating reading. It
was very encouraging and supportive for me with the decisions I am making right now. You are amazing!
Christina C.


Shirl, my tarot gemstone reading was amazing. Everything that came up was exactly what is going on in my life. Having this reading was uplifting and inspiring to me at this time in my life. I encourage anyone looking for guidance and direction to have a reading done. It brought me peace and a knowing...and of course a huge smile love the work you do. Thank God for you Shirl and your gift!


Shirl did a Celtic / Druidic astrological profile for me and all I can keep saying is WOW! I have never had anything so spot on. It was very revealing and gave me some great insights in how not to repeat the same mistakes. I HIGHLY recommend trying it for everyone!  Robin B.  Florida