Client Testimonials


I work as a Medium to connect with those crossed.   I offer sessions on all family members, beloved pets included.

My fee has never been raised…….the quality of a session does not hinge on its price, I don’t believe in asking excessive amounts for the gifts with which I have been blessed.

Read what others have written about one of my sessions. ~~ Shirl

Intuitive Reading Testimonials

  • I’d like everyone to know of the fabulous and comforting reading I just got about my father from Shirl Knobloch!!! This woman can truly see into energies that have departed, and the reading was “spot on”! God bless Shirl, she has given me much needed peace!~~~Jane Baldwin~~~
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, only sending a name and a picture. However, Shirl was able to accurately describe the person with great specificity and detail, I was blown away. Shirl is clearly gifted and I would highly recommend her.
    Jenna G.
  • Thanks so much for your time and reading. . You got Every little personal aspect about him right. .. from the financial problems and worrying. . To a previous sickness that he had leading up to what took him out. .. the one thing that really upset me is that he isn’t going to be present for a while… but i know his spirit will be back. …i wish you could talk to him daily and tell me what he’s saying ~~~~~Amy Carafello Peraino
  • Jennifer Jeune, River Vale, NJ 
    Thank you Shirl, for the reading you did recently about my mother who passed very suddenly a month ago. You touched on some things that were very much about my mother, and it was comforting to read them. I wish I had your gift and could communicate with her as I miss her very much and didn’t get to say goodbye. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a touching and real reading.
  • Hi Shirl, I just wanted to thank you for doing the Reiki session on my 5 y/o lab, Beemer. After his diagnosis of congestive heart failure and dilated cardiomyopathy three weeks ago, I was so upset when the vets told me he had less than a ...year to live. The first thing you told me was that no mortal can predict how long a life will last. That statement in itself picked my spirits up. The second thing that you did was make him a beautiful gemstone healing charm for his collar, which he proudly wears in the attached photo. (As you can see, he has grayed considerably in the last few months, making him appear to be much older than his 5 years.)

    I had never heard of Reiki until becoming friends with Doreen a couple of years ago, but she had such success with it on her dog, Riley, that when this came up with Beemer, I knew I wanted to try it. Since I live on the west coast, we decided to do the Reiki session at 5am our time, when we knew that Beemer would be resting peacefully. He was sleeping on his bed, right next to mine, but of course I was awake with anticipation of his session. During the time it was scheduled, he slept calmly without the rapid respirations that he has had so often since the onset of his illness. I lay quietly near him, with my arm over the side of the bed touching him. At one point, I felt a definite surge of energy through my arm and into my body, and thought at the time "Shirl must be sending me a little help too". When Beemer woke from his sleep, he was noticeably happy and energetic, bouncing around the house like he used to. Since the session, his respirations have been lower at night than they have since his diagnosis, and he once again feels like chasing sticks and playing with his brothers. I am so thankful for your gift being able to help him and so many others like him that our vets often just "write off", having done all that they can. Thank you again!! We'll be in touch again soon.

    Laurel and Beemer, Washington

  • Kathy D. in New Jersey wrote…….

    I had my beloved Tigger reading of him crossing. I could not catch my breath while I was reading it. Many things were SAID THAT NO ONE would know. And it came up during the reading. It was excellent and I plan on getting a reading again in the future. Awesome!

  • Once again Shirl, thanks. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do :) Many, if not all, the information is spot on. I so appreciate all that you do...Thank you - Susan, NJ

  • Shirl, Once again, many thanks. As always ,your readings are right on target. You have confirmed things I guess I knew but needed to hear. I am very appreciative, now I can begin putting this puzzle back together.......Brightest Blessings - Debi, New Jersey

  • Thank you so much for the information, I found it on target and will use the suggestions to benefit myself, family and loved ones. Blessings as always. - Sharon, Illinois
  • Shirl did an intuitive reading for me which was very accurate and heartfelt. the reading brought to light some things that may have gone unnoticed by me, but were spot on. thanks shirl! i look forward to working with you again in the future!!! - Jennifer, NJ                                                 
  • Shirl has recently done both an intuitive session with me and a Reiki/Intuitive session with my dog Taz. I have found most of her insights to be "spot on". Her prices are reasonable and the turnaround is quick. I would highly recommend her. - Robin  and Taz in Florida~~~~ 
  • WOW! You are really right on with a lot of things! The trust thing especially!!! I am definitely taking the advice in the relationship category as well - I think it is warranted...And regarding balance - I do not have any of it right now but am REALLY working hard to achieve it....You were SPOT ON with the emotional exhaustion and as of late, I have focused my attention inward and have the beginnings of new found strength...... See MoreThank you so much - this is wonderful...I passed it along to my friend - she might do it too.  J.S.~~~~~ 
  • Hi Shirl,Thank you so much for your intuitive impressions. Being fairly new to this whole process or Reiki, intuitives, energy, etc that Riley has brought into my life, I must say you certainly just bumped up my belief in it by leaps and bounds. EVERYTHING you touched on has so much truth and validity that it was almost kind of scarey to me (but in a fun good way). I kept going from "OMG OMG OMG" to "holy crap, holy crap".THANKS Doreen in Ohio
  • Shirl, this is unreal. I understand a lot of what she has told you. What anamazing confirmation.Thank you for the wonderful reading. I think you helped me so much. -Leah, Ohio
  • Shirl did an intuitive reading for me and was right about so many things. I was very impressed since I rarely get a good reading face to face. She is the real deal!!! Thank you Shirl for your guidance and advice for the many things I am going through. Blessings
    Debi Freeman

Pet Communication Testimonials

  • Zara Benton wrote.....Shirl, thank you so very much for communicating with Zak and Harley at Rainbow Bridge for me. It has answered many of my questions and made me feel better about the way things happened when they left me. Knowing that they understand why I had to let them go and why it hurt so much and that they felt my pain makes it a ...little easier to let them go. They will be there waiting for me and I will hold them again one day. To imagine Zak 'dancing' with happiness and Harley playing makes me smile with joy. You were able to listen to their thoughts and feelings and pass that on to me so I know they are free and all the pain and fear is gone. They have my love and I have theirs for all time. You are a very gifted lady and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful words. Until we meet heart belongs to you my angels
  • This past Saturday I unfortunately had to get my dog of 16 years euthanized. I had such a heavy heart making that decision and felt very guilty. I had Shirl Knobloch give me an animal reading of my beloved departed Dakota. I was very amazed about my the reading. She had never known my dog nor me personally. She gave me insight to matters that only I shared with my dog, and personal matters that gave way to a depressed heart that my dog was always by my side during those hard times! I can personally say that Shirl is the real deal when it comes to a reading about a lost loved fur baby, and yourself! Thank you Shirl for my reading!   ~~ Melissa Springston ~~

  • Anne Shirley Phelps wrote……
    Shirl is the best animal communicator! you should give her a try you will be amazed!
  • Paola Ascoli‎~~~~~
    I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful blessing of hearing what our cats had to say! I look forward to more messages from my furry babies in the future. Your gift is truly incredible and I have been telling everyone about you and how amazing these messages are!

  • Hi Shirl,
        Thank you so much.  You are amazing!  I think I understand almost everything that                 Boscoe told you.  Boscoe was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 years ago, and hasn't             been feeling as well.  I've been worried about him since he can't tell me how he feels,             and his personality has changed somewhat since the illness.  My main fear was that             I'm not being a good dog mom to him, and that I'm missing something that he needs.          It's a relief to know that he is not ready to make the transition yet, because I know I'm             definitely not ready for him to leave me. 
        You are absolutely right that he has some training, and is very smart, and he does love         being outside.  Sometimes it's hard to get him to come back in.  I think the person from         his youth is his former foster who had him as a puppy, and then again after he was                 adopted out and returned.  He loved her very much.  I'm a little confused on the water             since he never goes swimming at the dog parks, and doesn't particularly love his                     baths.  The only thing I can think of is that he maybe misses my parent's old house                 because they had a pool.  They moved from there about 3 years ago, but he always                 loved going to that house and running in their yard.
        I'm sure the jealousy stems from one of my dogs, who joined the family about a year             ago.  I wasn't planning on getting another dog, but fell in love with him at the shelter,             fostered him for awhile, and then made him a permanent resident.  There have been a         few incidents between them over food, but they have accepted each other.  I'm sure                 Boscoe is just feeling left out because I have to share my time with yet another dog.  I             know that he doesn't like it when I leave, and my schedule has changed recently                     causing longer hours at work, which means less time with the dogs. 
        Everything makes so much sense, and I truly appreciate you getting in touch with my             boy.  I'm so happy that he is going to be with me longer, and now I feel like I can give             him the things he wants and needs during our time together.  I'm very grateful that you         were able to do this for me.  I'll be in touch again with my other dogs.
        Have a great rest of the day!

  • Thank you so very much for today, I am so very grateful for the sessions. The reiki really helped me to collect my thoughts and to release some of the hurt and make peace. The intuitive session helped me so much. I am still healing but it helped to ease some of my concerns and I really needed that chance to "talk to him" and "visit" once more. Some of the things you said really helped a lot and eased my pain, and you will be pleased to know that I gave the go ahead for the rescue to start looking for rescue bully to carry on the therapy visits. - From Debbie in New Jersey
  • Thank you so much, Shirl for the reading of my beloved Riley. Everything that you told me made complete sense. After weeks of crying, it was as if a switch was flipped in my head by your reading, and for the first time, I felt some peace. I felt that it was a powerful reading. - From Eileen in PA

Pet Reiki Testimonials

  • Hi Shirl, Thank you for doing the reading and Reiki Session on Haley.  She really is a beautiful girl and I love her dearly.  Everything you said sounded exactly right to me.  She has been acting normal but she's such a sensitive soul that I knew what happened had to be bothering her.  I have been spending alone time with her and giving her lots of love.  And you are also right in that I have to be careful to be fair with the other dogs as well.  If you feel she needs more than one Reiki session please let me know.  Thanks again,  Gail
  • Hi Shirl,
    He seems to be in better spirits and is more awake and interested in our household goings-on today. Yay!

    Thanks so much. I'll schedule a communication session for him after his chemo session.

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer in NJ

Tarot Testimonials

  • I just received my Tarot reading from Shirl and was amazed by how accurate it was. Everything that came up in the reading corresponds to situations that are going on in my life right now. I really value these types of readings especially when you are in a situation and not sure which way to turn.  My heart has been pulling me one way, and my head the other.  Shirl’s Tarot Reading cleared things up for me,  and I now understand what my decision needs to be.  While I was reading my Tarot Reading, a tiny white feather appeared out of nowhere and landed on my keyboard!!  The feather was a blessing from my angels, letting me know everything is going to be ok.  Thanks Shirl,Susan in NJ

Lost Pet Testimonials

A letter of thanks from a Veterinarian in Ohio for my help in locating a lost pet:

Hi Shirl,

There are no words of thanks nor an adequate amount of money to compensate you for your time, your expertise, and your patience in helping us find Peyton the Pug. I never knew how many truly wonderful people there were  in  this world until this weekend ... While so many disappointed me, there  were many others who went so far above and beyond to help me get Peyton  back. I would very much like to meet you some day, just for a moment, to simply thank you in person for what you did for us. I will never be the same after this ordeal but am hopeful that it has taught me lessons that I would not otherwise have appreciated!

Dr. Libby

I came to Shirl not knowing what to expect but in need of some stress relief and relaxation. I had been going through a lot of tough things lately... Shirl was just wonderful!! The office was beautifully decorated and it gave me a sense of peace when I walked in. Shirl greeted me in  a warm friendly manner and I felt at ease. .. The experience was unbelievable!!   Reiki was definitely the answer.... I  had heard  that  it it was some kind of new age healing technique  that was helpful with stress and tension, so I thought I would try it.  Well, I cannot thank her enough! I felt so wonderful after. The stress I was feeling was gone and my head seemed to be more  in a peaceful place.. I cannot explain it but I felt more balanced!!  The Reiki or Reiki/ crystal session is definitely  something to consider!!! Thank you Shirl!!!

-Maria D

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you very much for todays session. It was really amazing, I had no clue the stones and crystals had so much power. I remember at one point you placed a stone or a crystal in my left palm and my hand began to visibly pulse! I definitely felt sensations in certain parts of my body too which was really fascinating. Even after I left I felt good and I ended up having a really great day! Well, thanks again Shirl see you soon!!

Hi Shirl-
I really enjoyed today's session. I left feeling so much lighter and that feeling has carried throughout the rest of the afternoon. I wasn't sure what to expect going into the session, so I was suprised when I had such a strong feeling in two areas, and when you advised what each chakra stood for it made so much sense-they were completely tied into the areas that I have been experiencing some turbulence in my life.

It really felt good to let go of things that I had been carrying with me for a long time, and I am sure that as with the reiki session, that I will reflect more on it from days to come. I was suprised to learn about the gemstones that I have been purchasing too. Its interesting to see where the subconcious leads you!

Thanks so much-and I will definitely be in touch again!

“I am humbled by Shirl’s ability to do an Intuitive Reading only knowing a person’s first name.  It is a blessing to find someone with such a beautiful God-given gift who uses her gift to heal and help others.
I found the Briar Rose web site when browsing the Internet and, after reading the other testimonials, I knew that I needed Shirl.  I have so much going on in my life, so many decisions to make, as well as needing to heal my body physically and spiritually.
Shirl’s reading was incredibly accurate.  It wasn’t a minute too soon either.  I was ready to do something rash, which she sensed and cautioned me against.  Her reading has made me slow down, take more time to consider various aspects of my life before making decisions personally and professionally.  She has also reminded me to look after my own needs, take time to smell the roses, and follow my own spiritual path.
I look forward to more readings from Shirl and hope to take it further by attending some of her events.
Thank you, Shirl.  You have given me a lot to think about.  You stopped me from making rash decisions/mistakes.  You have reminded me to continue my own spiritual journey.  You’ve provided me with reassurance in the career path I’ve chosen.  I never considered myself much of a nature person, but I look forward to bringing it into my home and, moreso, into my life.  I look forward to future guidance from you.”
Clare from PA

As promised, here is my testimonial.
You will recall late last Spring that Dakota was diagnosed with acute kidney failure.  The Vet administered a form of dialysis by intravenous on 2 or 3 occasions, each time only slightly reducing his BUN kidney values.  He was also on several medications.  He lost over 20 pounds, about 20% of his body weight, had multiple bouts of diarrhea and vomiting, no appetite and no energy.  The Vet finally suggested we not put Dakota through any more treatments and indicated he might have a month or so to live.
We came to learn of the services you provide and after speaking with you, you offered to practice reiki treatments on him and all you ever promised was to attempt to get Dakota in a better frame of mind physically and mentally to better deal with the stress of his illness and to whatever degree he had the ability to fight off his illness, this frame of mind would allow him a better chance of dealing with it either as a manageable chronic illness or possibly even reverse the disease.  
Miraculously, after treating him for about a month he began to regain his appetite, have more energy and in general have a better quality of life.  By the end of the Summer, after visiting with the Vet we started to see his kidney values reduce, although not back to normal levels, low enough for Dakota to manage his illness.  The Vet indicated to us that she was amazed and has never had a dog with Dakota's condition make this kind of turn around.  We indicated to her the services you were performing on Dakota and she was quite impressed and simply told us to continue doing whatever we were doing.
It is now almost 10 months since Dakota became ill and he is doing fine.  We will continue to utilize your services to keep Dakota's frame of mind and stress level at a minimum to better allow him to continue fighting his own illness, and this, along with some medication we are still giving him, has reduced his condition to some form of a manageable chronic illness.
We can't thank you enough for all you have done.
Respectfully and With Sincere Appreciation,
Nat, Barbara, and Dakota

I was absolutely amazed at the connection Shirl was able to make with my dog Lucy.  Lucy is a 13-year-old Papillon, and a former puppy mill breeder dog. She is not very well socialized and extremely skittish.  But by the second visit Lucy came out from under the chair and rested comfortably out in the open. Shirl was able to let me know certain things that Lucy communicated that were so specific it was surreal. I truly appreciate this gift that Shirl has and the gift she gave me with the insite to Lucy. I recommend everyone should let his or her pets meet Shirl.

Cathy Shea, DVM
Ramapo Valley Animal Hospital
Oakland, New Jersey

Animal Inuitive Workshop Testimonial

"that was incredible. i really enjoyed it.
i can see how this will work with practice.
i think my abbey dog sent me a message this morning
while we were still in bed.
i fogot the message but remember the circles after it.
then shortly after that
i saw my name spelled out.
i think dogs are really smarter than we give them credit for.
it  will be an incredible journey.
but you are right
believe in yourself.
have confidence
trust your instincts.
and believe ."
thanks so much god bless you.
looking forward to seeing you soon.

"I'm hoping this testimonial serves as encouragement to others seeking answers, to try Briar Rose's new "Pendulum Readings". This is a departure from conventional tarot card readings. Employing an ancient technique of using the pendulum in giving answers to questions clients may have, these sessions are both informative and interactive. The half hour allotted each session, is more than adequate to have many questions answered. These readings allow more flexibility in what is being asked and more concise definitive answers are given. I found Shirl's use and knowledge of the pendulum both accurate and fascinating. Readings are done in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and handled very graciously by Shirl. For those interested in having your questions answered very directly and like the idea of taking a more active role in the reading itself, this is your ticket. You won't be disappointed."


Nutley, NJ


21st July, 2010
Dear Shirl,


I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the four intuitive readings which you have kindly provided on behalf of Chloe, Willikins, Spooky and Ruby.
Your genuinely caring nature was evident right from the start, and I was able to trust you in communicating with my beloved furbabies.  Chloe, Willikins, Spooky and Ruby are my absolute world, and you were able to communicate with them showing respect, empathy, care and love.  These values are of utmost importance to me.
I now have comfort in knowing that Chloe, who has passed, is at peace and feels free, happy and loved.  For almost seven years I have felt much distress over her passing, however I now have peace in knowing how she feels.  She spoke from her heart to you.  The description you gave of Chloe, in particular her passing, was very emotional for me because it was as though you had known her for all of her time here.  I smiled from the inside and outside when you mentioned that she was "boasting" to you, for that is exactly my girl!
For Willikins, the manner in which you described our relationship is absolutely true. The anxiety you mention, I have always wondered of the cause, so when you stated the reason behind it, it was as though you had supplied the missing piece to the puzzle.  He had a home prior to me adopting him, and you also suggested changes or movement around our home - we have recently moved into this house. Willikins is an anxious, but energetic, empathic and loving boy, and he certainly does his best to make me laugh as much as possible ... some of the things he has done are akin to a comedian's show!

I had a specific request for Spooky.  You explained that it is up to the animal if they wish to share requested information.  Spooky was able to trust in you and share this information, for this I am extremely grateful.  Spooky is a rescue and knowing more about her past can only help me to understand her better, and provide her even moreso with the home, security and love she has always deserved, but unfairly cheated of in the past. To further help Spooky heal, I have requested distant reiki sessions with you (as I live in Australia) and I am looking forward to being in touch with you regarding this.

And for Ruby, she is just as you describe, energetic, loving and a peacemaker.  You mentioned she may have come from a harsh or judgemental situation. The manner in which she came to me was from perhaps an unusual circumstance. It is of my understanding her old owner was sent to a remand centre, therefore his parents were placed in the position of finding homes for his dog's puppies - one of which was Ruby.  Ruby is exactly the type of dog I could see in therapy, she is able to instill joy and happiness in everyone she meets, particuarly elderly people, they are all drawn to Ruby and her cheerful ways.
Because of your gift, not only am I able to deepen my bonds with my furbabies, I am also able to dispel their insecurities and provide specific reassurance where they require it most.  I have a greater understanding of their emotions and needs and for this I am truly grateful.  Your communication sessions were emotional, powerful, comforting, enjoyable, insightful and informative.
Thank you Shirl for making a wonderful difference to our lives.
Bright blessings and fond regards,
Maree Louise Quay



Meditation Testimonial

Hi Shirl,

I just wanted to thank you for the meditation this morning. I
felt so great afterwards. I loved the way you led us through the pathway
and the beach-have been to meditations
before,but this one was the best.
I will be back. 


Hi Shirl,

Thank you for last night's meditation.When I step into your office,I feel like I am in a sanctuary.When I leave, I feel calmer ,focused,destressed and balanced. I have been to many meditations,but you by far are the best. I highly recommend a session with Shirl!!!

Barbara Hedstrom


Hi Shirl,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful meditation class  last night. It was the best one yet! Each time I come I go home feeling so focused and vibrant! I always look forward to seeing you and coming to your class!


Hi Shirl,

Sorry for not writing sooner.  After Tuesday, things got extremely busy but i did want to post what a wonderful time i had on Tuesday.  You where awesome on Tuesday during the full moon meditation.  I haven't experienced anything like that, you have lifted a big weight off my shoulders, for that I thank you. I cant wait to come to your place again and I will.

Mary Jo

Intuitive Reading/Distant Reiki Healing Testimonial


Shirl provided an accurate intuitive reading in regard to my current state of affairs….stuck, angry, a bit depressed.  I am impressed that this came to her via just my name.  As for the distant Reiki session, I awoke this morning with a clear head absent of sinus issues (pretty clogged when it rains like today) and certainly much more relaxed.  A very positive experience for me.  Thanks Shirl.



Bloomfield, NJ

This past week, I had Reiki healing sessions done for me, my son Cody and my doggie Ms. Panini.

Originally I had gotten it just for Ms. Panini. She has been a little sick along with loss of appetite. I had changed my mind and then had decided to get it for all three of us because I had a session done once before and felt it had helped my health, however, the session with Briar Rose Readings was different from the previous one I had with a different person. The next morning, after the Reiki Sessions, I was happy to see an email regarding all three of us about things that have been happening in our lives which might bring some insight as to why things were going the way they were for us. I did not receive such an email when I had done this service before with another healer.

I have to tell you, I was very impressed. The healing itself was amazing. Ms. Panini started eating her food the next morning and Cody and I had such a restful nights sleep. Not to mention, the after thoughts of the sessions that were sent the next morning to my email were dead on, almost as though they had been there our whole lives. It is a very strange feeling to have somebody tell you about what path you have walked down in life and never met nor talked to about it before.

I would definitely recommend this service, especially if you have a pet that is ill.

Thank you again,

Tara Gooley Seymour, CT


Scooter is a wonderful dog with some behavioral and emotional scars from his abusive prior home. He is nervous and shy of strangers and does not tolerate being handled. Although he has made great progress in trusting, housetraining, following commands, recently he became quite subdued and had some physical ailments. His vet was unable to diagnose a physical problem. I brought Scooter to Shirl at Briar Rose reiki, and from the moment Scooter and Shirl met; you could see the bond forming. Scooter was responsive and eager to be near Shirl for over 30 minutes. Shirl was respectful of Scooter and reassured him that she would not touch him. Shirl gave me some insight as to what she felt Scooter was experiencing, and her observations made perfect sense. Scooter and I left and as soon as we arrived home, started working on the areas Shirl felt we needed to address. By md morning the next day, Scooter was alert and eager to walk the neighborhood. It was a lovely surprise to watch him approach our neighbor and enjoys loving pats and an ear scratching. Scooters mood and indeed his physical condition is getting better daily. Thanks to Shirls’ healing gift, Scooter has a second chance at a normal happy home, and I’ve got my best friend back. Both myself and Scooter will be frequent visitors to Briar Rose Reiki for mind /body/ spirit “tune-ups”

C.O. Clifton

The Reiki sessions have made a noticeable difference in my battle with depression and weight gain. Shirl’s guided imagery has been the source of much healing. I cannot thank her enough for the help she has and is giving me.

Montclair, NJ

My hour with Shirl left me feeling as refreshed and energized as if I had spent a full eight hours sleeping......the office is very comfortable, the music is very soothing, and Shirl answered all my questions in a very patient and informative manner. I would recommend Briar Rose Reiki to anyone in need of a peaceful respite from today's hectic pace.

CR Nutley

Shirl asked that I tell you a little about my experience with her Reiki treatments on my dog, Gretchen. Gretchen is nearly 15 years old and has a degenerative condition affecting her hind legs. Reiki was my last ditch effort to find something that would bring Gretchen some relief. I took her to Shirl in September hoping that she could give Gretchen some comfort in what seemed were going to be her last weeks. The results were better than I could ever have imagined. Not only did Shirl help Gretchen accept her situation but there was also a physical improvement! Her mobility increased tremendously.

The Reiki treatment is totally benign. Shirl does not even have to touch the patient. I can see nothing in the treatment that could possibly cause harm, and the potential benefits are huge. It is a testament to Shirl’s caring spirit that she should want to volunteer to treat your animals.

I cannot put into words how much Shirl has given to both me and Gretchen. I am sure the Reiki treatments are the reason that Gretchen is still with me today. My only regret is that I did not find Shirl sooner. I firmly believe that all the dogs, and probably all the animals at your shelter can be helped by the Reiki treatments. You would be foolish not to accept Shirl’s generous offer to volunteer.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.


Cindy Shamp

I am fortunate enough to call Shirl who is "Briar Rose Reiki" a dear friend of mine. She is a very gifted healer. Her specialty is the treatment of animals and her gentle, humane approach has produced astonishing results.

Anyone who loves their pets and is looking for an alternative to conventional treatment should try Reiki. Animals have proven to be wonderful patients and their human counterparts receive healing benefits as well.

I encourage anyone interested in a completely uplifting experience to try Reiki. Briar Rose Reiki is one of the best places to begin.

L.B. Nutley

I suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome. When movement became increasingly difficult, I scheduled a Reiki session with Shirl. From the time the session ended, I felt relief and that relief has continued. Very relaxing and positive experience I would not hesitate to recommend.


Dear Shirl,

I meant to write last week that I feel sure that you helped me too. Something made a turn for the better, Buzzer the Boxer and I both stabilized. And he is spunky enough to ask for special treats. Peace and Blessings to you. Thank you again for your efforts. My life, and certainly Buzzer's, has been enriched by your generosity.



Benny did seem a bit livelier this week. And seemed to have a little less pain (he tries not to show it, though). Thank you for all you have been doing. I know that it has contributed to the healing that is happening.



C.S. from Clifton .....

I just wanted to let you know that Gretchen is doing better than I would have dared to hope. She seems to be gaining strength every day. Her legs are stronger; she's playing a little and she just looks bigger. Thank you for your help.


Intuitive Readings Feedback

This is a sample of the Intuitive Readings I do....It is not a prediction reading or yes or no answers to questions but a thorough in depth view of your overall position in life at the present time and how the past and future may have their affect on you. I take considerable time in preparing these and hopefully seeing this charting can help your own intuitive sense realize what is best for you. Arrangements can be made by PayPal or email me for payment options.

So much going on in your life.......hard to slow down to take enough time to see what is really happening. You may find yourself swept off your feet.....being excited about a new project or idea. You threw all your energy into it.CAUTION....Don't get carried away by an idea or by your feelings for someone. Be careful. Beware of going too fast....Beware of infatuation. There could be the end of an infatuation or a loving relationship....It depends on the Shift in Your Attitude. Jealousy and conflicts bring confusion and uncertainty. Projects become delayed...completion seems impossible. It seems to you the situation will just continue without end. THE END is in your hands. Your change in mindset is all that is needed.

You are juggling 2------you need to balance your life. It is flattering to have 2 or anything but this is causing you STRESS. There is a fine line that separates being carefree and careless- -------realize the things that NEED to be cared for in your life before YOU CROSS THIS LINE.

Freedom if not used wisely can be a limitation. You may be feeling a little trapped in life without knowing which way to turn. You may feel trapped by routine. Beware of being naive and getting in too deep. Sometimes difficult situations in life make us grow, accept responsibility and see what is of true importance in our life.

Sensitive artistic soul keenly aware of the spiritual world is close to you. You yourself are very empathic, good at dealing with people, you are the counselor or therapist. Important for you to have a mission in life.Someone else close by you is following their heart and romantic dreams but must avoid pitfalls of illusion. Much of their attention is in the world of dreams......You may feel conflicted on how you feel towards them in your heart and how you need to take action toward them.You have recently forgotten what is REALLY important in life. You are losing your way, forgotten your priorities, abandoned projects. Very Restless. Little trouble realizing what is in your best interests.The answer lies in your INNER strength and ability to decide what is best for you. You may have a hard time listening to others but your inner energy knows the path. Look inward and LISTEN.Most important, do not lose touch with reality. Don't give in to immediate desires. Realize things that will sustain you for the long haul.Know that sometimes lofty goals that started out promising may sometimes turn out to be a waste of our energy and evaporate our strength. There is a constant thread of realizing reality throughout your reading....not plunging into illusion.Sometimes our dreams can never be materialized in our present life, but the death of one dream allows for the flourishing of another....the right one born of this life. Don't turn away from your future to examine your past.Now is the time to WITHDRAW from distractions and distracting people. Don't let your energy evaporate from people who will extinguish your strength. LET THEM TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION TO GO DEEP WITHIN. The guidance you receive will help you move forward more than you now think is possible. You are so caught up in worry and detail...go to your inner guide to counsel and protect you.Refresh your soul in silence and solitude...let these distractions go. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by immediate attractions or you may lose the long term sustenance you have. LOOK INSIDE......the answer is there.


I received an intuitive request about Tity, a dog with biting issues.......Here is what the owner said about the reading:

Hello Shirl,

Thank you for taking time to do this for us! It's been very helpful because it tells me not to push Tity too much with regards to meeting strangers. The way you have described him is spot on and he does have that "sad" look from time to time which is probably the depressed/melancholy state that you mention. He has had this expression (from time to time) ever since he was a little puppy. And he is super protective of his family and he does have a stronger bond with one member of the family.

More than anything your reading confirms we should not push him too hard with strangers and I am very grateful for your advice. Thank you so much Shirl.

Warmest regards

Janne ( WA, Australia)

This is the Intuitive Reading I did on Tity

I have tried to get a feeling on Tity....please email if any of this makes sense to you.I feel he loves his family very much but does not welcome others..likes above everything a sense of balance and harmony in the days routine.....does not want intrusion by others to disrupt this. Extremely vigilant about keeping his little family unit in harmony and balance....but very independent and needs some time to be alone also...almost as if he suffers from a state of depression or melancholy when things are at of balance in the home. What could help this is a very steady routine in his life....a daily walk at the same time each day....his knowing that things are all according to the family schedule. He will always be protective of you so just keep this in mind if you have the type of home situation where others visit and come in and out during his day.....this would be very upsetting to him. He has an important bond with one member of the family..they are very dear to him....he likes to spend time in nature so the daily walk would be the best solution for him.

Please let me know how things progress. I would appreciate any feedback you can send me about this communication.

Blessings to you and Tity....he is a special loving dog, just needs special care and attention.


This is a healing request on an elderly horse named Thora who had seemed to be losing her will to fight against the disabling arthritic pain affecting her leg.......Her owner wrote:

Hey Shirl –

Well, I’m not sure if its my imagination but the mare seems a bit brighter. You’d have to be her “father” to notice the difference in facial expression but I think its there.

Seems to be moving a bit better. Some interesting impressions you had – I will give you a little feedback on that at some point.

Any impressions on aches & pains or trouble spots??

Coincidentally, right as I contacted you I contacted 2 therapeutic riding programs to see if they would be interested in them. I have in the past but their age makes them undesirable for that generally. But these were 2 I hadn’t tried. So far the reaction is 50/50 I’m dragging my feet on it. I think the regular light exercise and the constant attention will make them healthier, age better and in general be happier and more content. Also the programs are in jersey so I can check up on them regularly.

But oddly enough I got your email the same day I got email responses from those programs. So I don’t know who you were picking it up from but it was out there floating around.

This is the intuitive reading I did on Thora:

Lot going on emotionally with Thora....I get a sense that she led a very productive working life and is trying to come to grips with the fact that she now no longer can do the things she loved that gave her a sense of importance. It is very important that she believes she has value now for her health and well-being. She is very loving but sometimes the frustration she feels at not being as she was in her prime manifests itself with what you perceive as her sense of independence. It is her only way to control some aspect of her own dignity and self worth. I think Thora might be a wonderful candidate for getting involved with some kind of therapy for children or disabled adults. She needs a sense of work very strongly to make her want to fight any physical challenges now coming her way and give her the will to overcome them. Any stimulation you can provide even if it is only more of a commitment of your companionship would make her better able to come to peace in her mind that her life although it is changing can still be wonderful. Please let me know how she is responding.

I have had the pleasure of having Shirl do two intuitive readings for me and was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy with which she could read and interpret the messages. What`s more amazing is all she needs for an accurate reading is your first name. There are no questions asked that could be interpreted as “leading”. She brings a deep, sensitive understanding of current issues involving her client. Her candid demeanor makes it all the more believable. For anyone interested in intuitive readings, done in a completely professional, yet heartfelt manner, I would highly recommend “White Ivy Intuitive Readings “. You will not be disappointed.


Nutley, NJ