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Unique Hand Formed Rose Petal Jewelry

    Hand Formed Rose Petal Bead


The artisan craft of bygone centuries of cooking Rose petals to form everlasting beads to become cherished keepsakes.

Do you have old roses from a prom 30 years ago, from the birth of your child, from your mom’s funeral, or from your wedding just collecting dust in a potpourri bowl somewhere……..I can turn them into beautiful jewelry.  The bead color will be as pictured no matter what the color of your roses ….ranging from a deep dark red to black.  The beads will be cooked and dried in a process that takes many days to complete and the result will be a rock hard bead that I will then combine with gemstones and crystals to create a beautiful keepsake necklace.

It doesn’t matter if the Rose Petals are fresh or decades old…..I can form them into beads that will keep through generations. Your beads can then be sprayed with rose oil to carry the lingering scent of roses as you wear your keepsake necklace ….it does not matter how dried or crumbled they are……..I can still form them into beads.  This is a time consuming process but the wearable memories will be treasured by you and your family.  Your necklace will be created in a few weeks from the time of rose petal delivery……..the beads need time to dry and harden.

       Email me with any other questions about my rose petal jewelry.  Thanks!


Prices will vary according to the number of rose beads and type of precious gemstone ordered:

Ranging in price for several beads with Swarovski crystals strung on ribbon or silken thread for $75.00 to a treasured keepsake necklace of Roses and Gemstones for $150.00 with sterling clasp thread on wire.

        Leather Cord and Organza Ribbon Pendants  -  $40.00
        Gemstone Necklaces strung with Swarovski Crystals and                 Stones  -  $75.00
        Artisan Rose Petal Bead Necklaces: Depending on the number         of beads and style  -   $75.00 - $150.00
        Specifically requested stones may be more expensive...I will             customize stones in these price ranges.
*Prices do not reflect shipping fees…(combined shipping is available)

*Email me for other information.

Certain unique, special orders may be more costly..all prices will be given before the actual piece of jewelry is created.

Depending on the size of the bead… dozen roses will yield anywhere from 6-10 beads


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Rose Petals Beads, Garnets, Swarovski Crystals and Ancient Roman Coin…

Rose Petals Beads, Quartz Crystal and Silver Beads…

    Healing Gemstone Jewelry

Each piece uniquely crafted to suit my client’s individual needs or just provide beautiful adornment with genuine gemstones, beautiful Swarovski crystals, sea glass, fossils and sparkling glass beads infused with energizing Reiki to soothe and balance.  Speak to me about particular issues that you would like addressed with particular stones as I form your necklace.  Birthstone necklaces can also be created.  I will offer free consultation as to which stone would offer optimum benefit to the wearer….all done easily by email and paid by using PayPal.  Jewelry may be shipped anywhere for a nominal fee. 

Please email if interested in my custom jewelry creations.