About Shirl

I am a Certified Reiki Master and Intuitive.  Reiki is the belief that since we are all energetic beings, energy can be channeled to enhance our well-being and restore our state of balance.  Every animate and inanimate object in our Universe is comprised of energy.  Our physical bodies are just a shell; we are swirling waves of energy.  Inanimate objects are also energetic, and store energy within, sometimes good, sometimes bad.  That is where the art of psychometry enters, where intuitives “read” objects belonging to clients; unfortunately,  sometimes, victims of crimes who can no longer speak for themselves.  If a piece of jewelry can hold enough energy to lead a psychic to a criminal, imagine the negative energetic imprint illness, depression, or injury can leave within your body.
It is my belief that one day, our current medical procedures will seem as archaic as the barber dentist of Old West days.  We will learn how to manipulate the energetic fields without the invasive procedures currently used…our bodies will learn to regenerate injured parts.  ….It is OUR own bodies that are capable of self healing.  Reiki is a channel to facilitate that to occur.
My path on this journey as an Intuitive started as a young child; however my connection with energy was sealed when I was 20 years old when a close encounter with electricity would ultimately forge my direction in life. This life threatening encounter imprinted a unique gift to my senses......the ability to “read” changes in clients’ auras and detect imbalances in their energetic fields.  I am sensitive to the subtle changes in energy fields and use this in my work as a Reiki Master and also in my work as a paranormal investigator in my home of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.   Scientists have placed rooms full of people thousands of miles apart from a study object such as a container of water.  When soothing energetic thoughts were sent to the water, the molecules retained their beauty and symmetry.  When ugly, harmful thoughts were sent, the water molecules became jagged and unsightly in appearance.  Reiki practitioners believe beneficial energy is channeled this same way…..the client’s body accepts the Reiki energy and uses it to bolster his or her well-being.  By the same principle, negative thoughts, stress, or injury can cause disruptions and disharmony to our energetic fields.  Reiki, now endorsed by the medical community,  has amazing restorative ability.  Reiki can balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies that may be in misalignment in clients.  
Reiki, though thousands of years old, is now among the forefront of our acceptance of these alternative and complementary wellness options.  Generations before us, humans possessed this knowledge; for some reason, it was lost with “technological” advances.  Ancients realized ways of communication and energy that we are only just beginning to venture toward in holistic and alternative therapies.  The significance of ancient beliefs is once again attaining the reverence it so deserves.
Experience the wondrous energy of Reiki, distance does not diminish the soothing effects of Reiki.  Schedule a distance Reiki session today for someone in need of balance.


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