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Shirl's White Ivy Mediumship and Communication Sessions


Distant Reiki  Sessions for Pets - $35.00 

Pet Reiki Sessions are done at a mutually agreed upon time, when your  pet can rest and accept the soothing energy without distraction.  Each session is 30 minutes in length.  Pet Owners have told me their pets respond in unique ways, some acting as if a visitor is at the door, some quietly going to sleep.  Distance does not diminish the beneficial effects and balance of Reiki energy.

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Distant Reiki Sessions for People - $35.00

Distant Reiki energy is just as soothing as if you were present in the room with me. If you have a friend or family member coping with illness or emotional unbalance, Reiki can boost their energetic centers, which might be compromised at this time. Reiki can be one of the best personal gifts you ever give to yourself. My sessions are 30 minutes in length. My sessions are done in the evening hours when you can rest comfortably, listen to soothing music, or just go to sleep while receiving the Reiki. After scheduling a Session, just email me to coordinate a day and time for receiving the Reiki. Great for hospitalized patients to boost their recovery or elderly family members confined to their homes. If you wish, you may email a picture of the person, but it is not necessary. The powerful effect of Reiki energy will not be diminished without a photograph.

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Pet Communication Sessions - $35.00
A wonderful gift for a grieving pet owner or someone bringing home a new rescue into the family.  My sessions offer a helpful glimpse into the minds of beloved pets.

I have many clients around the globe and have posted some testimonials on the Briar Rose Testimonial Page.

Open your mind and heart to the experience of Animal Communication.
I ask the pet's name, would love a photo emailed to me prior to a session and if the pet is here or has transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge.


Gift Certificates Available - $35.00

Gift certificates may be mailed directly to you or to the recipient. Call or email me with instructions. I will send a lovely note with your name as the giftgiver and whatever sentiment you wish included in the note. Gift certificates must be redeemed within 60 days. I will clearly state this on the certificate.

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Druidic Astrological Tree Spirit Guardian Readings - $65.00


Ancient Druidic Tree Spirit Guardian Astrology is like a window to your soul, revealing depths and facets to your personality and past life lessons that impact you in this lifetime. All that is required is your complete date of birth. Have a reading done for a friend or partner, just email me the birth information. Your reading will be emailed to you promptly. Read more about it on my home page.

I will chart all your personal Planetary and Lunar Positions at the time of your birth and interpret them in an easily understood way.   It is a personal glimpse into the depths of one's soul.  Clients have repeatedly been awestruck by the accuracy of such readings.

Included in your reading…………
Your Sacred Tree Sign and its significance in your Chart
Your Celtic/Druidic Birthstone
Your Celtic Goddess/God
Your birthsign Guardian Animal Totem and its meaning in your Life
Your Lunar Symbol
Your Ruling Planet
Your Personal Influence Color


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Mediumship Sessions for Pets - $35.00

Mediumship Sessions for People - $35.00