Once Upon a Fairy Tale


My Mom is enjoying your book. I haven't had a chance to read it because she is enjoying it. The butterfly story is her favorite. What's really amazing is that she doesn't like books and she is actually reading the stories aloud to me...thank you for creating these moments that will become beautiful memories for me ...

My mom says that it’s like you are sitting here on the couch telling the stories. As she reads them,  it’s like you’re sharing them in person. So awesome. Love this book.

Brenda D. Phelps, South

In this latest offering, the author has created a poignant, fictional journey into the Civil War era. This book is not a political statement. There is no judgement. Rather, a collection of gently written stories conveying the emotions of a highly charged era in history. Your heart aches for the casualties, sons, husbands and fathers, lost to war. It aches for the tortured souls that are left behind to cope with the emptiness. There is a melancholy tone thruout the book which lends credibility to her story telling. The harsh realities of war are written about with sensitivity and compassion, making her characters all the more memorable..
The author has packed a lot of emotions into this short collection of stories. She has even introduced a few unlikely heroes. Pet dogs and even a little rat who happily followed their humans into war. Their enduring loyalty will move you to tears.
Shirl makes her home on the hallowed ground of Gettysburg, in a farmhouse of historical designation. The energy there has certainly served as inspiration for this latest book. I doubt you will soon forget her characters, many of which will leave you misty eyed. Along with her stories, the poetry is amazing..

Take an afternoon and relax with this book. I can guarantee, it will be time well spent. Written with compassion, yet realistically, this is her best book to date.

Shirl Knobloch 

Reiki Master / Intuitive 

Sessions for People & Beloved Animals

Reiki is a belief that we are all energetic beings in a universe of infinite energy.  Attuned practitioners can channel this energy to balance the energetic wellness of both humans and animals.  The practice of Reiki originated in Tibet and was brought to Japan;  now the belief that our energy centers can be balanced to aid in wellness has gained a strong following around the globe.

  • It is offered in major medical centers as an aid to rebalance the body after surgery and during medical treatments such as chemotherapy.
  • Reiki is not a substitute for medical intervention, it is an aid to balance and bring into harmony one’s physical, mental, and spiritual energy centers during times of stress or illness.
  • I am a Certified Reiki Master and offer Reiki Energy sessions on both people and on beloved pet companions.  Reiki energy may be sent distantly, the energy does not need to be channeled to clients "hands on."
I work as an Intuitive Counselor and Pet Communicator, offering sessions through email.  I have clients around the globe and have posted testimonials about my Pet Communication work on the Briar Rose testimonial page.  Communication sessions offer pet owners a glimpse into the emotions of pets and can help balance the energy in the home environment.  Scheduling a session for a pet owner whose loved one has transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge can offer comfort and will be deeply appreciated.

My intuitive work is done for guidance purposes only, each client has the personal direction of his or her life path entirely in his or her own hands.  Testimonials on my Intuitive Sessions are also posted on the Briar Rose Testimonial Page.

I also offer Tarot Sessions.   The art of reading the cards goes back generations in my family.....my sessions are not like others you might have had.  I do not ask any "leading" questions........I do not watch facial expressions to gain "clues"  My sessions are done entirely through the email.  Along with Tarot, I schedule Celtic/Druidic Astrology readings, you can read more on the Shop page about each of these sessions.
Please visit the web site pages to learn about the various Intuitive Sessions I offer and then click on the Shop Page to schedule the right session for your needs.

Blessings and Light,

Recent Testimonials

Hi Shirl,
I apologize it has taken me so long to respond, but thank you so much for Millie's reading.  It has been the biggest comfort in the world to understand everything and to know she is ok.
Everything is so accurate.  Millie had been sick for the last few years, and the last year, and especially the last few months were difficult.  She had her good and bad days, but I did sense that she was confused and distant at the end.  You also read her very well with her past.  I adopted her from a rescue, and she was with someone terrible before being rescued, and she never knew what it was like to love someone. It took a lot of time before she loved and trusted anyone other than me, but she definitely came around.  She was the sweetest and most gentle soul,and you are 100% correct that her absence is felt among myself and my other dogs.  My one dog, Ginny, especially misses Millie.  She was very attached to Millie.  It means the world that she likes how we still celebrate her.  I do struggle with letting her go, as I think of her as my soul dog, and our friendship and bond is unbreakable.  However, I do understand what she has told you, and I know I have to let her go to let her truly rest and be happy.  I can do that now that I know she is ok.  She has come to me in my dreams, and in fact came to me the night I received the reading.  That has been the biggest comfort in the world.
Thank you so much for this.  Your gift is amazing, and I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.
Thanks so much for your spot on reading on my precious Olga. You have a real gift. I have sent you a request for another reading.   Valerie Mann, Maryland

Thank you so much for my session. My little one had passed so suddenly and I was still so stunned/grieving that it really helped. Spot on in many areas. It really helps a heart.   Kay Voight.  Texas

Ever the insomniac, was wide awake at ten past two this morning and couldn't get to sleep "because a fire was in my head" (thank you WB Yeats, for one of the best poems of all time). Tuned the radio into Radio 3 and picked up Shirl's lovely book, and with classical music playing quietly in the background, read for about half an hour. The sweet gentle stories lulled me and I finally drifted off - thanks Shirl
~~~Delia Pallett, England

Shirl, I want to say thank you so much for your wonderful gift of Animal Communication. I have just finished reading the message from my beloved Sarah. My heart breaks everyday when I think of her but now I can be at peace and know she is okay. There are no words to describe the comfort and peace that now fills my heart. I highly recommend to others if you are grieving the loss of a beloved pet or loved one these Sessions give you the opportunity to connect with those you hold dear to your heart. Thank you so much.


Today you took me back to my early childhood. Once again sitting on my grandmother’s lap, or on her fluffy bed being read to. A perfect book, a perfect day. Thank you, for that was not an easy task. Being almost 72 and my best friend, my grandmother who I miss with all my heart. She passed when I was 16. I lost everything, a caring woman who raised me, taught me life's lessons and loved me without question. Thank you for allowing me to go back and almost hear her voice, smell the scent of her, what an amazing journey.   ~~~ Linda Woyurka


"My reading with Shirl was quite helpful in understanding my dream about my dog who had died a year before. Shirl was able to tell me what the dream meant, which gave me a great deal of peace and a practical approach to releasing more grief about my pet's passing. I found Shirl's insights wise, kind, and helpful."
You are welcome to use my name and location (NC) if you would like. Thanks, Shirl!

Best wishes,
Adele Michal


Highly respect and recommend a session with Shirl. Your gift allows our beloved love ones to connect with us...truly comforting.
Brenda Phelps

"I love this book, I have to read 1 story at a time, not like your other books, this one hits every emotion there is, that is why I can only read it 1 story at a time, if I read it straight through, I will end up in a MS flair, I have to be careful with these emotions, they get me every time... Before I can read a story to my granddaughter, I have to read it 1st, so I don't start crying 1/2 way through it... I love it, this is one of the best gifts I have ever received."~~Stacy D. Gley


Dear Shirl, I wanted to say that you are truly an Angel and a blessing. My Mother said goodbye to her beloved cat, Blue this past December.The loss was devastating and her heart was broken. I purchased a Session with you, as a Birthday Gift for her. There are not enough words to describe the comfort and peace that this Session has provided for her. Blue was able to tell her things he wanted her to know and to let her know he is okay. Your Sessions give our beloved Pets a way to communicate with those they love and this is truly priceless. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.


I wasn't sure what to expect at first, only sending a name and a picture. However, Shirl was able to accurately describe the person with great specificity and detail, I was blown away.  Shirl is clearly gifted and I would highly recommend her. ~~Jenna Gagliano~~


The reading you did today for Phoenix was spot on. Your description of his "baggage" was so accurate, I think you could work for the TSA.  Now I just have to help him unpack...He's been carrying his baggage for way too long.


I’d like everyone to know of the fabulous and comforting reading I just got about my father from Shirl Knobloch!!! This woman can truly see into energies that have departed, and the reading was “spot on”! God bless Shirl, she has given me much needed peace!~~~Jane Baldwin~~~


This past Saturday I unfortunately had to get my dog of 16 years euthanized. I had such a heavy heart making that decision and felt very guilty. I had Shirl Knobloch give me an animal reading of my beloved departed Dakota. I was very amazed about my the reading. She had never known my dog nor me personally. She gave me insight to matters that only I shared with my dog, and personal matters that gave way to a depressed heart that my dog was always by my side during those hard times! I can personally say that Shirl is the real deal when it comes to a reading about a lost loved fur baby, and yourself! Thank you Shirl for my reading!   ~~ Melissa Springston ~~




I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful blessing of hearing what our cats had to say! I look forward to more messages from my furry babies in the future. Your gift is truly incredible and I have been telling everyone about you and how amazing these messages are! ~Paola Ascoli


I received my Celtic/Druidic reading from Shirl today and was utterly blown away! It is miles removed from any reading that I’ve had before. These readings deal with The Shadow Self and identifies obstacles that you may be having in this life, that are hold-overs from previous lives. The personality traits were just stunning and revealed so much, and the issue from the last life (which I remember) was revealed. In the reading she said many true things that she had no way of knowing. Things I had never told anyone. I got many answers and insights from this! Thank You Shirl! ~Karene Smith


Just wanted to thank you for the incredible Celtic reading you did for me. It was not only accurate, but validated some things for me as well. It was insightful, authentic, and made a lot of sense. Thank you for your honesty, too…giving it to me straight, though delicate and kind. I am grateful to you for celebrating my strengths, and chuckled & owned the things I need to work at a bit, knowing it was intended only for my good and to help me fulfill the most enriching life possible. Again…all spot on! The mythology was fun and interesting, and the past life pieces gave me chills, explaining a recurring dream I have had for years. Some of the things you mentioned were things I have never told anyone. Thank you for feeling them & mentioning them. I will strive to keep this close always, and take your words as good advice, and also be a bit prouder of who I am. Thank you again for taking the time to do this for me. ~Sarah Costanzo


Shirl is so amazing. I received the most amazing astrology reading from her today. I can’t stop thinking about it. It really made me look a lot deeper into who I really am.  ~Gloria Jodry Kleckner


Thank you so much for the Druidic reading you did for me Shirl. The information was truly spot on. I am always amazed at your gift. I appreciate you and what you do in helping people heal. Thank you so much!!!  ~Suzanne Bardzell

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Tibetan form of energy channeling, employing the gentle placement of hands in an non-intrusive manner. The name originates from the Japanese rei, meaning universal and ki, meaning energy. Reiki can also be directed with the intention of balance to clients all around the globe; the intention does not diminish with distance. So, even though you may be reading this thousands of miles from my home; you can still receive the benefits of a session scheduled hands on.

Reiki benefits the whole body, the mind, the spirit, and the physical being. The positive results include relaxation, and a general feeling of well being. Both humans and animals possess an energy flow throughout their bodies. Reiki restores and balances energy by reducing stress and enhancing relaxation. Reiki does not claim to act as a substitute for conventional medical treatment, but is a complement to medical treatment to soothe and balance. If your wellness is out of balance, please speak to your medical doctor about the benefits of incorporating Reiki into your life. Although Reiki does embrace a spiritual dimension; it has absolutely no association with religion, and will not conflict with any beliefs.

The holistic community has welcomed Reiki for use in stress reduction, energetic, and emotional balance. Reiki is routinely offered in a growing number of prestigious hospitals. It is offered before and after surgery. The relaxed state induced by Reiki allows patients to better cope with conventional therapies, such as chemotherapy, radiation, etc.

Veterinarians are also embracing Reiki to complement animal therapies. Our beloved pets can feel all the same benefits their human companions do. I have cared for an number of elderly, disabled, and terminally ill animals in my home during the last several years. I have seen the benefits Reiki can provide to add to their comfort; our beloved pets can feel all the same benefits their human companions do. First and foremost, Reiki is gentle and painless. Animals feel comfortable receiving it.

Reiki can do no harm to either the recipient or the practitioner.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki for Cardiac Patients as a Complement to Conventional Treatment

Cardiac patients know the emphasis placed on living a stress-free life. Reiki can be an invaluable aid in stress reduction. Reiki is routinely used in major hospitals before and after surgery. Reiki can be a complementary energy for patients who have recently undergone major heart surgery, aiding them on the road to recovery. This soothing energy can help aid in any depression that can overshadow a person's recovery. Most importantly, Reiki can cause no harm to the person receiving it. It is often talked about in the spiritual sense; but has no religious association.

Reiki for our Senior Pets, Fearful and Aggressive Pets, and Newly Adopted Pets

I have had much success in prolonging a comfortable life in senior animals. I have given Reiki to many elderly animals and have had pet owners relay stories of Reiki ‘s positive effect on beloved pets lives. Testimonials that write of easing mobility in arthritic animals and boosting energy and immunity levels in disease or advanced age compromised conditions can be read on the testimonial page. Reiki can be given without even touching the animal directly, so skittish pets can also receive a beneficial treatment. Animals can even be left in carriers if very fearful or aggressive. It is even possible to direct Reiki on birds in their cages. As in people, this soothing energy balances the emotional energy of our pets as well; many people adopting troubled pets who have led lives of trauma and abuse have told me Reiki has made the transition to a new environment much easier on everyone in the home. Please talk with your veterinarian about incorporating Reiki into your pet’s life. Read through testimonials from satisfied clients and decide if you wish to try Reiki to help balance your pet’s energy.

Willow Fine Art Prints of Shirl's original photographs may be purchased by contacting Shirl through email or visiting us at Zenfolio.  These images are dispersed through the site as well as hosted on Zenfolio.  Feel free to browse and inquire about specific prints or visit my Zenfolio page.

Some examples are below:


Please read before scheduling any session.

Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for conventional medical treatment; it is coming into recognition by the medical field as a valuable complement to the whole wellness picture for physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.
Please discuss incorporating Reiki with your doctor or veterinarian if you are interested in scheduling a session.

All testimonials are posted entirely in clients’ words and everyone’s experience with Briar Rose will be different.

I offer Intuitive Sessions as guidance to your path only.  Each individual’s path is entirely in one’s own hands and paths are never rigid; they can change as the Universe brings new opportunities and doorways to be opened.

You must be of legal age to schedule a session with me.